Helena M Hörder

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Association between APOE Genotype and Change in Physical Function in a Population-Based Swedish Cohort of Older Individuals Followed Over Four Years

Ingmar Skoog, Helena M Hörder, Kerstin Frändin et al
Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. Vol. 8, p. Article number: 225-
Journal article

A cross-cultural adaptation of the ICECAP-O: test-retest reliability and item relevance in Swedish 70 year olds

Helena M Hörder, Susanne Gustafsson, Therese Rydberg et al
Societies MDPI. Vol. 6 (4), p. Article number: 30-
Journal article

Secular trends in frailty: a comparative study of 75-year-olds born 1911-12 and 1930

Helena M Hörder, Ingmar Skoog, Lena Johansson et al
Age and Ageing. Vol. 44 (5), p. 817-822
Journal article

Home as a health promotion setting for older adults

Marianne Mahler, Anneli Sarvimäki, Anne Clancy et al
Scandinavian Journal of Public Health. Vol. 42 (Suppl 15), p. 36-40
Journal article

Fysisk aktivitet på recept efter höftfraktur gav ökad självtillit

Pia Hendberg, Helena M Hörder, Lena Zidén
Läkartidningen. Vol. 111 (1-2)
Magazine article

Self-respect through ability to keep fear of frailty at a distance: Successful ageing from the perspective of community-dwelling older people

Helena M Hörder, Kerstin Frändin, Maria E H Larsson
International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being. Vol. 8, p. Article Number: 20194-
Journal article

Health-related quality of life in relation to walking habits and fitness: a population-based study of 75-year-olds

Helena M Hörder, Ingmar Skoog, Kerstin Frändin
Quality of Life Research. Vol. 22 (6), p. 1213-23
Journal article

Physical activity and physical functioning in Swedish and Iranian 75-year-olds – A comparison

Zahra Mosallanezhad, Helena M Hörder, Mahyar Salavati et al
Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics. Vol. 55 (2), p. 422-430
Journal article

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