Helena Stigson

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Diagnosis-specific sickness absence among injured working-aged pedestrians: a sequence analysis

Linnea Kjeldgård, Helena Stigson, Eva L. Bergsten et al
BMC Public Health. Vol. 23 (1), p. 367-
Journal article

Evaluation of seatbelt use among pregnant women in Sweden

Anna K Carlsson, Beshara Sawaya, Helena Stigson
Paper in proceeding

Fall and collision related injuries among pedestrians, sickness absence and associations with accident type and occupation

Eva L. Bergsten, Linnea Kjeldgård, Helena Stigson et al
Journal of Safety Research. Vol. 86, p. 357-363
Journal article

Rural road design according to the safe system approach

Helena Stigson, Anders Kullgren, Lars Erik Andersson
The Vision Zero Handbook: Theory, Technology and Management for a Zero Casualty Policy, p. 947-970
Book chapter

A New Assessment of Bicycle Helmets: The Brain Injury Mitigation Effects of New Technologies in Oblique Impacts

Fady Abayazid, Ke Ding, Karl Zimmerman et al
Annals of Biomedical Engineering. Vol. 49 (10), p. 2716-2733
Journal article

Sickness absence and disability pension among injured working-aged pedestrians - a population-based Swedish register study

Linnea Kjeldgård, Helena Stigson, Maria Klingegård et al
BMC Public Health. Vol. 21 (1)
Journal article

Mapping equestrian injuries and injury incidence in Sweden using insurance registry data

Lauren Meredith, Helena Stigson
Translational Sports Medicine. Vol. 3 (1), p. 46-54
Journal article

Analys av kollisioner vid hockeyspel med hjÀrnskakning som utfall

Johan Davidsson, Staffan Björkdahl, Kristian Ivancic et al

Health status and quality of life among road users with permanent medical impairment several years after the crash

Helena Stigson, Maria Bostrom, Anders Kullgren
Traffic Injury Prevention. Vol. 21 (S1), p. S43-S48
Journal article

Bicycle crashes and sickness absence - A population-based Swedish register study of all individuals of working ages

Linnea Kjeldgård, Maria Ohlin, Rasmus Elrud et al
BMC Public Health. Vol. 19 (1)
Journal article

Sickness absence and disability pension sequences before and after a bicycle crash; a Swedish study

L. Kjeldgard, Helena Stigson, K. Alexanderson et al
European Journal of Public Health. Vol. 29, p. 337-
Other text in scientific journal

Incidence of acute injuries among licensed and non-licensed cyclists using insurance registry data

Helena Stigson, Malin Åman, Magnus Larsson
Conference proceedings International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury, IRCOBI, p. 603-610
Paper in proceeding

Duration of sickness absence following a bicycle crash, by injury type and injured body region: A nationwide register-based study

Maria Ohlin, Linnea Kjeldgard, Rasmus Elrud et al
Journal of Transport and Health. Vol. 9, p. 275-281
Journal article

Modelling the effect on injuries and fatalities when changing mode of transport from car to bicycle

Philip Nilsson, Helena Stigson, Maria Ohlin et al
Accident Analysis and Prevention. Vol. 100, p. 30-36
Journal article

Preventing Shoulder Injuries in Bicycle Crashes

Helena Stigson, Madelen Fahlstedt, Mats Svensson
International Cycling Safety Conference (ICSC) November, 2-4, Bologna, Italy
Paper in proceeding

Differences in Long-Term Medical Consequences Depending on Impact Direction Involving Passenger Cars

Helena Stigson, M. Gustafsson, C. Sunnevang et al
Traffic Injury Prevention. Vol. 16, p. S133-S139
Journal article

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