Edmund Hood Highcock

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Global scaling of the heat transport in fusion plasmas

Sara Moradi, Johan Anderson, Michele Romanelli et al
Physical Review Research. Vol. 2 (1)
Journal article

Overview of the JET preparation for deuterium-tritium operation with the ITER like-wall

E. Joffrin, S. Abduallev, M. Abhangi et al
Review article

Overview of new MAST physics in anticipation of first results from MAST Upgrade

J.R. Harrison, R. Akers, S.Y. Allan et al
Nuclear Fusion. Vol. 59 (11)
Review article

Optimisation of confinement in a fusion reactor using a nonlinear turbulence model

Edmund Hood Highcock, N. R. Mandell, M. Barnes et al
Journal of Plasma Physics. Vol. 84 (2)
Journal article

First principles of modelling the stabilization of microturbulence by fast ions

George Wilkie, Aylwin Iantchenko, Ian Abel et al
Nuclear Fusion. Vol. 58 (8)
Journal article

Fundamental physics of the fast ion stabilization of electromagnetic ITG turbulence

George Wilkie, A Iantchenko, Edmund Hood Highcock et al
Proceedings of 44th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, p. P4.162-
Conference poster

Ion-scale turbulence in MAST: anomalous transport, subcritical transitions, and comparison to BES measurements

F. van Wyk, Edmund Hood Highcock, A. R. Field et al
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion. Vol. 59 (11), p. 114003-
Journal article

Transition to subcritical turbulence in a tokamak plasma

F van Wyk, Edmund Hood Highcock, AA Schekochihin et al
Journal of Plasma Physics. Vol. 82 (6)
Journal article

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Research for future fusion reactors: using or avoiding impurities

Tünde Fülöp Subatomic and Plasma Physics
Albert Mollén Nuclear Engineering
Istvan Pusztai Subatomic and Plasma Physics
John Omotani Subatomic and Plasma Physics
Sarah Newton Subatomic and Plasma Physics
Ian Abel Subatomic and Plasma Physics
Edmund Hood Highcock Subatomic and Plasma Physics
Aylwin Iantchenko Subatomic and Plasma Physics
Swedish Research Council (VR)

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