Holger Wiertzema

Doctoral Student at Energy Technology

Holger Wiertzema focuses his research on the electrification of industrial processes to promote the decarbonisation of the industrial sector in Sweden. The objective is to enhance the knowledge on process electrification technologies including techno-economic and environmental assessments under possible future energy market conditions. This will also allow to compare electrification with other decarbonisation options. The doctoral studies started in 2017 and are financed by the Swedish Energy Agency.

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Bottom–Up Assessment Framework for Electrification Options in Energy-Intensive Process Industries

Holger Wiertzema, Elin Svensson, Simon Harvey
Frontiers in Energy Research. Vol. 8
Journal article

Electrify everything! Challenges and opportunities associated with increased electrification of industrial processes

Johan Rootzén, Holger Wiertzema, Magnus Brolin et al
Proceedings of the ECEEE Industrial Summer Study 2020, p. 415-423
Paper in proceedings

Evaluation of hybrid electric/gas steam generation for a chemical plant under future energy market scenarios

Holger Wiertzema, Elin Svensson, Simon Harvey
Proceedings of the ECEEE Industrial Summer Study 2020, p. 243-252
Paper in proceedings

Bottom-up methodology for assessing electrification options for deep decarbonisation of industrial processes

Holger Wiertzema, Max Åhman, Simon Harvey
Proceedings of the ECEEE Industrial Summer Study 2018. Vol. Volume 2018-June, p. 389-397
Paper in proceedings

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PROCEL Opportunities for decarbonisation of industrial processes through increased electrification

Simon Harvey Energy Technology
Holger Wiertzema Energy Technology
Swedish Energy Agency

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