Jakob Johansson

Doctoral Student at Energy Technology 3

Jakob Johansson is a PhD Student Energy Technology. He works with flue gas cleaning, mainly towards simultaneous removal of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulfur oxides (SOx). His work will be divided between modelling studies of the separation process and experimental work in form of construction of a test unit at Chalmers.

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Technical-Scale Evaluation of Scrubber-Based, Co-Removal of NOx and SOx Species from Flue Gases via Gas-Phase Oxidation

Jakob Johansson, Fredrik Normann, Nadin Sarajlic et al
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. Vol. 58 (48), p. 21904-21912
Journal article

Gas-Phase Chemistry of the NO-SO2-ClO2 System Applied to Flue Gas Cleaning

Jakob Johansson, Anette Heijnesson Hultén, Sima Ajdari et al
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. Vol. 57 (43), p. 14347-14354
Journal article

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