Marcus Hedberg

Post doc at Nuclear Chemistry

Marcus Hedberg works as post doc in the nuclear chemistry group. Marcus main research area is in development of innovative nuclear fuels, focusing especially on nitride based nuclear fuels.Marcus work includes research on processes for production of uranium nitride-based fuels as well as inert matrix fuels and nitride fuels containing high activity substances such as plutonium and americium. The research also includes production of fuel pellets and chemical interactions within nitride fuel as well as between nitride fuel and reactor coolants.Marcus is currently the co-supervisor of one PhD-student.


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Application of SPS in the fabrication of UN and (U,Th)N pellets from microspheres

Luis Guillermo Gonzalez Fonseca, Marcus Hedberg, L. Huan et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials. Vol. 536
Journal article

The Effect of Iron- and Manganese-Based Oxygen Carriers as Bed Materials in Oxygen Carrier Aided Combustion

Carl Kajnäs, Marcus Hedberg, Henrik Leion
Energy Technology. Vol. 7 (7)
Journal article

Scoping Studies of Dopants for Stabilization of Uranium Nitride Fuel

Klara Insulander Björk, Aneta Herman, Marcus Hedberg et al
Nuclear Science and Engineering
Journal article

Nitride fuel for Gen IV nuclear power systems

Christian Ekberg, Diogo Ribeiro Costa, Marcus Hedberg et al
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry. Vol. 318 (3), p. 1713-1725
Review article

Thermochemical effect of fission products on sodium – MOX fuel reaction: The case of niobium

Dan Tiberiu Costin, Lionel Desgranges, Victor Cabello-Ortiga et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials. Vol. 500, p. 361-365
Journal article

Dissolution Performance of Plutonium Nitride Based Fuel Materials

Emma Aneheim, Marcus Hedberg
Atalante 2016 International Conference on Nuclear Chemistry for Sustainable Fuel Cycles. Vol. 21, p. 231-238
Paper in proceedings

A comparative study of nitride purity and Am fabrication losses in PuN materials by the powder and internal gelation production routes

Marcus Hedberg, Christian Ekberg
Journal of Nuclear Materials. Vol. 482, p. 156-162
Journal article

Zirconium carbonitride pellets by internal sol gel and spark plasma sintering as inert matrix fuel material

Marcus Hedberg, Marco Cologna, Andrea Cambriani et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials. Vol. 479, p. 137-144
Journal article

Studies on plutonium-zirconium co-precipitation and carbothermal reduction in the internal gelation process for nitride fuel preparation

Marcus Hedberg, Christian Ekberg
Journal of Nuclear Materials. Vol. 479, p. 608-615
Journal article

Nitride fuel production by the internal sol gel process

Marcus Hedberg
Licentiate thesis

A micro hot test of the Chalmers-GANEX extraction system on used nuclear fuel

Lovisa Bauhn, Marcus Hedberg, Emma Aneheim et al
International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference, GLOBAL 2013: Nuclear Energy at a Crossroads. Vol. 1, p. 335-340
Paper in proceedings

Using Low-Cost Iron-Based Materials as Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Combustion

Erik Jerndal, Henrik Leion, Louise Lundberg et al
Oil and Gas Science and Technology. Vol. 66 (2), p. 235-248
Journal article

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Advanced fuelS for Generation IV reActors: Reprocessing and Dissolution (ASGARD)

Christian Ekberg Nuclear Chemistry
Marcus Hedberg Nuclear Chemistry
Emma Aneheim Nuclear Chemistry
Teodora Retegan Vollmer Nuclear Chemistry
European Commission (FP7)

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