Mindaugas Melaika

Researcher at Combustion and Propulsion Systems

Mindaugas Melaika focuses his research on powertrain efficiency and exhaust gas emissions improvement by applying different alternative and renewable fuels (natural gas, biogas) with different combustion systems. His post doc research area also includes hybrid system application to achieve more sustainable future mobility.
The aim of the project is to evaluate and build expertise on direct injection of biogas engines for applications in 48V mild hybrids by performing single-cylinder engine tests and hybrid system simulations.

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Particulates from a CNG DI SI Engine during Warm-Up

Mindaugas Melaika, Sreelekha Etikyala, Petter Dahlander
SAE Technical Papers. Vol. 2021
Paper in proceeding

Spark ignition engine performance, standard emissions and particulates using GDI, PFI-CNG and DI-CNG systems

Mindaugas Melaika, Gilles Herbillon, Petter Dahlander
Fuel. Vol. 293
Journal article

Methane Direct Injection in an Optical SI Engine - Comparison between Different Combustion Modes

Mindaugas Melaika, Mats Andersson, Petter Dahlander
SAE Technical Papers. Vol. 2019-January (January)
Journal article

48V Mild-Hybrid Architecture Types, Fuels and Power Levels Needed to Achieve 75g CO2/km

Mindaugas Melaika, Mehmet Sarp Mamikoglu, Petter Dahlander
SAE Technical Papers, p. 1-11
Paper in proceeding

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