Ninan Theradapuzha Mathew

Doctoral Student at Production Systems

Ninan T Mathew has been working as a Project Assistant since March 2019. He works with projects where the main focus is on analyzing and improving the sustainability aspects of industrial systems.

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Digitalization for flexible and resilient production planning and scheduling in engineer-to-order manufacturing

Ninan Theradapuzha Mathew, Mattias Svanberg, Jenny Sjöholm et al
Procedia CIRP. Vol. 120, p. 834-839
Paper in proceeding

Battery Production Systems: State of the Art and Future Developments

Mélanie Despeisse, Björn Johansson, Jon Bokrantz et al
IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology. Vol. 692, p. 521-535
Paper in proceeding

Environmental and Economic Impacts of Biofouling on Marine and Coastal Heat Exchangers

Ninan Theradapuzha Mathew, Johan Kronholm, Klas Bertilsson et al
Sustainable Production, Life Cycle Engineering and Management, p. 385-398
Book chapter

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STAND4EU – Boosting the Exploitation of Standardisation Inputs from European Projects

Björn Johansson Production Systems
Mélanie Despeisse Production Systems
Ninan Theradapuzha Mathew Production Systems
Xiaoxia Chen Production Systems
Clarissa Alejandra González Chávez Production Systems
Hao Wang Production Systems
European Commission (EC)


Framtidens rymdfabrik II

Björn Johansson Production Systems
Dan Li Production Systems
Malin Tarrar Production Systems
Daniel Nåfors Production Systems
Ninan Theradapuzha Mathew Production Systems
The Swedish National Space Board

2 publications exist

Biofouling heat exchangers. A Neptune project.

Ilaria Giovanna Barletta Production Systems
Björn Johansson Production Systems
Ninan Theradapuzha Mathew Production Systems
European Commission (EC)

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