Per Salberger

Full Professor at Algebra and geometry

Per Salberger is active in the research group in algebraic geometry and number theory. His recent research concerns the density of integral solutions of systems of Diophantine equations with infinitely many solutions. One studies then the asymptotic behaviour of the number of solutions in boxes when the sizes of the boxes increase. The methods used by Salberger combine algebraic geometry and analytic number theory.Salberger is also collaborating with members of the research groups in complex analysis and fundamental physics at Chalmers.


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The Manin-Peyre formula for a certain biprojective threefold

Valentin Blomer, Joerg Bruedern, Per Salberger
Mathematische Annalen. Vol. 370 (1-2), p. 491-553
Journal article

Counting rational points on the Cayley ruled cubic

R. de la Bretèche, T.D. Browning, Per Salberger
European Journal of Mathematics. Vol. 2 (1), p. 55-72
Journal article

Uniform bounds for rational points on cubic hypersurfaces

Per Salberger
Arithmetic and Geometry, p. 401-421
Book chapter

On a certain senary cubic form

V. Blomer, J. Brudern, Per Salberger
Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society. Vol. 108 (4), p. 911-964
Journal article

Rational points on complete intersections of higher degree, and mean values of Weyl sums

Per Salberger, T. D. Wooley
Journal of the London Mathematical Society. Vol. 82 (2), p. 317-342
Journal article

Rational points of bounded height on projective surfaces

Per Salberger
Mathematische Zeitschrift. Vol. 258 (4), p. 805-826
Journal article

On the density of rational and integral points on algebraic varieties

Per Salberger
Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik. Vol. 606, p. 123-147
Journal article

Rational points of bounded height on threefolds

Per Salberger
Analytic number theory : A Tribute to Gauss and Dirichlet ; Clay Mathematics proceedings. Vol. 7, p. 207-216
Paper in proceedings

Counting rational points on algebraic varieties

Per Salberger, Tim Browning, Roger Heath-Brown
Duke Journal of Mathematics. Vol. 132, p. 545-578
Journal article

Counting rational points on hypersurfaces of low dimension

Per Salberger
Annales Scientifiques de lEcole Normale Superieure. Vol. 38, p. 93-115
Journal article

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Asymptotics for solutions of Diophantine equations

Per Salberger Algebra and geometry
Swedish Research Council (VR)

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