Sarah van Santen

Doctoral Student at Chalmers, Technology Management and Economics, Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Sarah van Santen is a PhD student at the division of Entrepreneurship and Strategy where she studies the management of innovation and intellectual property in a context of digitalization.With a background in organization theory, her work includes a wide range of strategy and management topics such as innovation strategy, strategic decision making and intellectual property strategy.


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The Development of Intellectual Property Strategy in New Venture Creation

Sarah van Santen, Marcus Holgersson
Paper in proceedings

The business of intellectual property: A literature review of IP management research

Marcus Holgersson, Sarah van Santen
Stockholm Intellectual Property Law Review. Vol. 1 (1), p. 44-63
Review article

Microfoundations of strategic decision effectiveness

Rob Jansen, Sarah van Santen
Strategic Management Society October 2017, Houston
Paper in proceedings

Born digital, raised to be open: Emergence of open innovation strategy and intellectual property strategy

Sarah van Santen, Marcus Holgersson
World Open Innovation conference, December 2017 San Francisco
Paper in proceedings

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Intellectual property management in digitalizing businesses

Marcus Holgersson Entrepreneurship and Strategy
Charlotta Kronblad Entrepreneurship and Strategy
Henrik Berglund Entrepreneurship and Strategy
Sarah van Santen Entrepreneurship and Strategy

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