Xiangyu Lei

Visiting Researcher at Engineering Materials

Xiangyu Lei participates in a project together with GKN Aerospace Sweden. The intention is to optimize different ultrasonic nondestructive testing approaches, based on applying mathematical modeling of the physics. His part of the research project aims to further develop and optimize a Phased Array (ultrasonic) technique with respect to a number of well-defined manufacturing defects that may potentially occur in additive manufacturing. Optimization is achieved by utilizing simSUNDT in order to optimize the sound field created by a phase shift on individual sub-elements that build the sound field in a so-called Phased Array system.

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Simulation-Based Investigation of a Probability of Detection (POD) Model Using Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) Technique

Xiangyu Lei, Håkan Wirdelius, Anders Rosell
Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation. Vol. 41 (2)
Journal article

In-situ detection of redeposited spatter and its influence on the formation of internal flaws in laser powder bed fusion

Claudia de Andrade Schwerz, Ahmad Raza, Xiangyu Lei et al
Additive Manufacturing. Vol. 47
Journal article

Experimental Validation and Application of a Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing Model on Sound Field Optimization

Xiangyu Lei, Håkan Wirdelius, Anders Rosell
Journal of Modern Physics. Vol. 12 (4), p. 391-407
Journal article

Experimental modelling of local structure responses for high-speed planing craft in waves

Ermina Begovic, Carlo Bertorello, Andrea Bove et al
Ocean Engineering. Vol. 216
Journal article

Experimental Validation of a Phased Array Probe Model in Ultrasonic Inspection

Xiangyu Lei, Håkan Wirdelius, Anders Rosell
Ultrasonics. Vol. 108
Journal article

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Adaptive Non Destructive Testing of Additive Manufacturing

Håkan Wirdelius Engineering Materials
Xiangyu Lei Engineering Materials

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