Agnetha Rostgaard-Hansen

Doctoral Student at Food and Nutrition Science

Agnetha Rostgaard-Hansen is a PhD student at the unit of Food and Nutrition Science and at the Danish Cancer Society Research Center, Copenhagen. Her research focuses on food questionnaire validation, long-term reproducibility of metabolites, discovery of dietary and microbial derived biomarkers using metabolomics approach and lastly identification of general metabotypes combining dietary, metabolomic, microbial and genetic data. Diet is a major behavioral risk factor for development of lifestyle diseases and more effective strategies to promote health and wellbeing are needed. Personalized diet may be one strategy for optimal health. Diets tailored for different types of metabolism, i.e. metabotypes may be an effective strategy to better motivate consumers to healthy eating. Before and during her PhD Agnetha has been involved in the Diet, Cancer and Health – Next Generations Cohort (DCH-NG) with more than 42.000 participants and primary coordinator on a large subsample of the DCH-NG including 700 participants.


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Perspective: Metabotyping—A Potential Personalized Nutrition Strategy for Precision Prevention of Cardiometabolic Disease

Marie Palmnäs, Carl Brunius, Lin Shi et al
Advances in nutrition (Bethesda, Md.)
Journal article

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