Alexander Giovannitti

Assistant Professor at Applied Chemistry
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Charge Carrier Induced Structural Ordering And Disordering in Organic Mixed Ionic Electronic Conductors

Tyler J. Quill, Garrett LeCroy, Adam Marks et al
Advanced Materials. Vol. 36 (15)
Journal article

The impact of hydrogen peroxide production in OECTs for in vitro applications

Claudia Lubrano, Ottavia Bettucci, Gerwin Dijk et al
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C. Vol. 12 (5), p. 1625-1630
Journal article

Role of aggregates and microstructure of mixed-ionic-electronic-conductors on charge transport in electrochemical transistors

Garrett LeCroy, Camila Cendra, Tyler J. Quill et al
Materials Horizons. Vol. 10 (7), p. 2568-2578
Journal article

Origins of hydrogen peroxide selectivity during oxygen reduction on organic mixed ionic-electronic conducting polymers

Ana De La Fuente Durán, Allen Yu Lun Liang, Ilaria Denti et al
Energy and Environmental Sciences. Vol. 16 (11), p. 5409-5422
Journal article

Controlling swelling in mixed transport polymers through alkyl side-chain physical cross-linking

Nicholas Siemons, Drew Pearce, Hang Yu et al
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Vol. 120 (35)
Journal article

Double doping of conjugated polymers with monomer molecular dopants

David Kiefer, Renee Kroon, Anna Hofmann et al
Nature Materials. Vol. 18 (2), p. 149-155
Journal article

Enhanced n-Doping Efficiency of a Naphthalenediimide-Based Copolymer through Polar Side Chains for Organic Thermoelectrics

David Kiefer, Alexander Giovannitti, Hengda Sun et al
ACS Energy Letters. Vol. 3 (2), p. 278-285
Journal article

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Efficient polymeric electrocatalysts for a circular economy

Alexander Giovannitti Applied Chemistry
Swedish Research Council (VR)

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