Atilla Altintas

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EMD-SVR: A Hybrid Machine Learning Method to Improve the Forecasting Accuracy of Highway Tollgates Traveling Time to Improve the Road Safety

Atilla Altintas, Lars Davidson
Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering. Vol. 364 LNICST, p. 241-251
Paper in proceeding

Direct numerical simulation of drag reduction by spanwise oscillating dielectric barrier discharge plasma force

Atilla Altintas, Lars Davidson, Peng Shia-Hui
Physics of Fluids. Vol. 32 (7)
Journal article

A new approximation to modulation-effect analysis based on empirical mode decomposition

Atilla Altintas, Lars Davidson, Peng Shia-Hui
Physics of Fluids. Vol. 31 (2)
Journal article

Direct numerical simulation analysis of spanwise oscillating Lorentz force in turbulent channel flow at low Reynolds number

Atilla Altintas, Lars Davidson
Acta Mechanica. Vol. 228 (4), p. 1269-1286
Journal article

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Turbulent flow control

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