Amir Masoud Pourrahimi

Visiting Researcher at Applied Chemistry

My main project here is “New Materials for Power Cable Insulations”. I received my Ph.D. degree in fiber and polymer science from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. I did two postdoctoral fellowship at KTH in collaboration with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Sweden and Center for Advanced Functional Nanorobots, UCT Prague, Czech Republic. My main research interests are broad and include polymer physics, synthesis of inorganic nanostructures, polymer nanocomposites, nanodielectrics, wastewater treatment, and nano/micromotors.


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Electrical Characterization of a New Crosslinked Copolymer Blend for DC Cable Insulation

Sarath Kumara, Xiangdong Xu, Thomas Hammarström et al
Energies. Vol. 13 (6)
Journal article

Comparison of Different Methods for Characterization of DC Conductivity of Insulating Polymers

Sarath Kumara, Xiangdong Xu, Thomas Hammarström et al
2020 IEEE International Conference on Dielectrics, ICD 2020, p. 435-438
Paper in proceeding

Click chemistry-type crosslinking of a low-conductivity polyethylene copolymer ternary blend for power cable insulation

Massimiliano Mauri, Anna Hofmann, Diana Gomez-Heincke et al
Polymer International. Vol. 69 (4), p. 404-412
Journal article

Axisymmetric and Asymmetric Naphthalene-Bisthienothiophene Based Nonfullerene Acceptors: On Constitutional Isomerization and Photovoltaic Performance

Wei Hu, Xiaoyan Du, Wenliu Zhuang et al
ACS Applied Energy Materials. Vol. 3 (6), p. 5734-5744
Journal article

Toward High-Performance Triboelectric Nanogenerators by Engineering Interfaces at the Nanoscale: Looking into the Future Research Roadmap

Abdelsalam Ahmed, Islam Hassan, Amir Masoud Pourrahimi et al
Advanced Materials Technologies. Vol. 5 (11)
Review article

Recyclable Polyethylene Insulation via Reactive Compounding with a Maleic Anhydride-Grafted Polypropylene

Yingwei Ouyang, Massimiliano Mauri, Amir Masoud Pourrahimi et al
ACS Applied Polymer Materials. Vol. 2 (6), p. 2389-2396
Journal article

Fire-retardant, self-extinguishing triboelectric nanogenerators

Abdelsalam Ahmed, Maher F. El-Kady, Islam Hassan et al
Nano Energy. Vol. 59, p. 336-345
Journal article

Making an ultralow platinum content bimetallic catalyst on carbon fibres for electro-oxidation of ammonia in wastewater

Amir Masoud Pourrahimi, R. L. Andersson, K. Tjus et al
Sustainable Energy and Fuels. Vol. 3 (8), p. 2111-2124
Journal article

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