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Dietary Protein Sources Beyond Proteins and Amino Acids - A Comparative Study of the Small Molecular Weight Components of Meat and Fish using Metabolomics

Alastair Ross, ANDREW VINCENT, Otto Savolainen et al
FASEB Journal. Vol. 31 (suppl 1), p. abstr. 652.13-
Magazine article

Herring and chicken/pork meals lead to differences in plasma levels of TCA intermediates and arginine metabolites in overweight and obese men and women.

ANDREW VINCENT, Otto Savolainen, Partho Sen et al
Molecular nutrition & food research. Vol. 61 (3), p. Art no UNSP 1600400-
Journal article

Taurine may affect redox homeostasis via regulation of thioredoxin interacting protein in endothelial cells

ANDREW VINCENT, Nathalie Scheers, Britt Gabrielsson et al
FASEB Journal. Vol. 28 (1 (Suppl.)), p. Art. no. 830.29-
Paper in proceedings

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