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10 years, 10 examples. Building for sustainable development in Gothenburg, 2003-2013

Annika Danielsson, Anna Gustafsson, Liane Thuvander

Tio år tio exempel - Byggande för hållbar utveckling i Göteborg mellan åren 2003-2013

Annika Danielsson, Anna Gustafsson, Liane Thuvander

Good built examples: Implementation of sustainable building in a ten years perspective in the city of Gothenburg

Liane Thuvander, Barbara Rubino, Annika Danielsson
World Sustainable Building Congress Barcelona 28-30 October 2014
Paper in proceedings

Case Torpa - en arbetsrapport inom forskningsprojektet ReBo

Annika Danielsson, Anna Sofia Wannerskog, Paula Femenias et al

Testing a multi-value approach to support decision making in renovation in the pre-design phase: A housing area in Sweden from the 1940s.

Liane Thuvander, Paula Femenias, Annika Danielsson et al
Proceedings of the Central Europe towards Sustainable Building conference, CESB13, 26-28 June, Prague., p. 1-4
Paper in proceedings

Integrated Strategies for Sustainable Renovation of Early Post-War Housing: The Case ofTorpa, a Housing Area and National Heritage Asset in Sweden

Paula Femenias, Liane Thuvander, Annika Danielsson
Cultural Heritage Preservation: Proceedings of the 3rd European Workshop on Cultural Heritage Preservation, Bolzano, Italy, 16-18 September 2013, p. 159-165
Paper in proceedings

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10 år 10 exempel. Byggande för en hållbar utveckling i Göteborg.

Liane Thuvander Architectural theory and methods
Annika Danielsson Unknown organization
Adlerbertska Foundations

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