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Towards digital twinning for multi-domain simulation workflows in urban design: a case study in Gothenburg

Alex Arnoldo Gonzalez Caceres, Franziska Hunger, Jens Forssén et al
Journal of Building Performance Simulation. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Application and validation of a method to assess the energy reduction and environmental impact of renovation alternatives

Alex Arnoldo Gonzalez Caceres, Sanjay Somanath, Jacob Forsberg et al
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. Vol. 1196 (1)
Paper in proceeding

The use of synthesised data for the development of Digital Twin: Chalmers student house case study

Alex Arnoldo Gonzalez Caceres, Elena Malakhatka, Holger Hellebro
Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol. 2600 (8)
Paper in proceeding

Multicriteria Design: Optimizing Thermal, Acoustic, and Visual Comfort and Indoor Air Quality in Classrooms

Muriel Diaz, Alex Arnoldo Gonzalez Caceres, Shady Attia
Green Energy and Technology, p. 435-449
Book chapter

Evaluation of cost-effective measures for the renovation of existing dwellings in the framework of the energy certification system: A case study in Norway

Alex Arnoldo Gonzalez Caceres, Jan Karlshøj, Tor Arvid Vik et al
Energy and Buildings. Vol. 264
Journal article

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DigitalTwin4PEDs - Dialogue and Quality Assurance Support for PEDs by Digital Twin District Energy Models

Liane Thuvander Architectural theory and methods
Jessica Lundin Architectural theory and methods
Holger Wallbaum Building Technology
Elena Malakhatka Building Technology
Alex Arnoldo Gonzalez Caceres Building Technology
Swedish Energy Agency

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Alexander Hollberg Building Technology
Alex Arnoldo Gonzalez Caceres Building Technology

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