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3D high spatial resolution visualisation and quantification of interconnectivity in polymer films

Cecilia Fager, Sandra Eriksson Barman, Magnus Röding et al
International Journal of Pharmaceutics. Vol. 587
Journal article

Prediction of diffusive transport through polymer films from characteristics of the pore geometry

Sandra Eriksson Barman, Holger Rootzen, David Bolin
AICHE Journal. Vol. 65 (1), p. 446-457
Journal article

A three-dimensional statistical model for imaged microstructures of porous polymer films

Sandra Eriksson Barman, David Bolin
Journal of Microscopy. Vol. 269, p. 247-258
Journal article

Modeling and solving vehicle routing problems with many available vehicle types

Sandra Eriksson Barman, Peter Lindroth, Ann-Brith Strömberg
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics. Vol. 130, p. 113-138
Paper in proceedings

Gaussian random field based models for the porous structure of pharmaceutical film coatings

Sandra Eriksson Barman
Acta Stereologica. Vol. Proceedings ICSIA, p. FA01-
Paper in proceedings

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