Henrik Bäckdahl

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An alternative approach to decellularize whole porcine heart

Ketaki Methe, Henrik Bäckdahl, Bengt R Johansson et al
BioResearch open access. Vol. 3 (6), p. 327-38
Journal article

Recellularization of acellular human small intestine using bone marrow stem cells.

Pradeep B Patil, Priti Chougule, Vijay Kumar Kuna et al
Stem cells translational medicine. Vol. 2 (4), p. 307-15
Journal article

Small calibre biosynthetic bacterial cellulose blood vessels: 13-months patency in a sheep model.

Carl Johan Malm, Bo Risberg, Aase Katarina Bodin et al
Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal. Vol. 46 (1), p. 57-62
Journal article

Observations on bacterial cellulose tube formation for application as vascular graft

Henrik Bäckdahl, Bo Risberg, Paul Gatenholm
Materials Science and Engineering C. Vol. 31 (1), p. 14-21
Journal article

Microporous bacterial cellulose as a potential scaffold for bone regeneration

Magdalena Zaborowska, Aase Katarina Bodin, Henrik Bäckdahl et al
Acta Biomaterialia. Vol. 6 (7), p. 2540-2547
Journal article

Behavior of human chondrocytes in engineered porous bacterial cellulose scaffolds

Jessica Andersson, Hanna Stenhamre, Henrik Bäckdahl et al
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A. Vol. 94A (4), p. 1124-1132
Journal article

Mechanical characterization of bacterial cellulose tubes for vascular tissue engineering

C Lally, Anders Sellborn, Aase Katarina Bodin et al
8th World Biomaterials Congress 2008, WBC 2008; Amsterdam; Netherlands; 28 May 2008 through 1 June 2008. Vol. 2, p. 1142-
Paper in proceeding

Engineering microporosity in bacterial cellulose scaffolds

Henrik Bäckdahl, Maricris Esguerra, Dick Delbro et al
Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Vol. 2 (6), p. 320-330
Journal article

CELL 11-Cells like cellulose scaffolds

Aase Katarina Bodin, Henrik Bäckdahl, Bo Risberg et al
Abstract of Papers of the American Chemical Society. Vol. 235 (APR 6), p. Meeting Abstract: 11-CELL
Other conference contribution

Influence of cultivation conditions on mechanical and morphological properties of bacterial cellulose tubes

Aase Katarina Bodin, Henrik Bäckdahl, Helen Fink et al
Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Vol. 97 (2), p. 425-434
Journal article

In vivo biocompatibility of bacterial cellulose

Gisela Helenius, Henrik Bäckdahl, Aase Katarina Bodin et al
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A. Vol. 76 (2), p. 431-8
Journal article

Mechanical properties of bacterial cellulose and interactions with smooth muscle cells

Henrik Bäckdahl, Gisela Helenius, Aase Katarina Bodin et al
Biomaterials. Vol. 27 (9), p. 2141-2149
Journal article

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