Ankit Bisht

Doktor at Bionanophotonics

I joined the group as a Post-doctorate researcher in January 2017 after completing my PhD from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). I have dual Master degrees in Nanotechnology from Chalmers and KULeuven (Belgium) under the Erasmus Mundus program (EMM-NANO). My PhD thesis was about design and fabrication of hyperlenses while during my Master’s thesis I worked on on-chip electrical detection of surface plasmons. While at Chalmers I will be working on Plasmon-Exciton interaction between nanoparticles and 2-level systems (J-aggregates, quantum dots, 2D materials etc.) inside optical cavities. I will also be extensively working on various nano-fabrication techniques including e-beam lithography and FDTD electromagnetic simulations.

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Ultrastrong coupling between nanoparticle plasmons and cavity photons at ambient conditions

Denis Baranov, Battulga Munkhbat, Elena Zhukova et al
Nature Communications. Vol. 11 (1)
Journal article

Electrical Control of Hybrid Monolayer Tungsten Disulfide-Plasmonic Nanoantenna Light-Matter States at Cryogenic and Room Temperatures

Battulga Munkhbat, Denis Baranov, Ankit Bisht et al
ACS Nano. Vol. 14 (1), p. 1196-1206
Journal article

Collective Strong Light-Matter Coupling in Hierarchical Microcavity-Plasmon-Exciton Systems

Ankit Bisht, Jorge Cuadra, Martin Wersäll et al
Nano Letters. Vol. 19 (1), p. 189-196
Journal article

Self-Hybridized Exciton-Polaritons in Multilayers of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides for Efficient Light Absorption

Battulga Munkhbat, Denis Baranov, Michael Stührenberg et al
ACS Photonics. Vol. 6 (1), p. 139-147
Journal article

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