Changhai Li

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Effects of Cr3C2 content and temperature on sliding friction and wear behaviors of Cr3C2/Ni3Al composite materials

L. Fu, W. Han, Lin Zhao et al
Wear. Vol. 414-415, p. 163-173
Journal article

Microstructure and tribological performance of Cr7C3-(Ni,Cr)3(AI,Cr) coating deposited from Cr7C3 in-situ synthesized alloy powder

Zhu Hongbin, Shen Jie, Gao Feng et al
International Thermal Spray Conference and Exposition, ITSC 2016; Shanghai International Convention CenterShanghai; China; 10 May 2016 through 12 May 2016. Vol. 2, p. 1003-1010
Paper in proceedings

Influence of Cr3C2 content on the wear properties of Cr3C2/Ni3Al composites

L. H. Fu, W. Han, Yan Jun Xie et al
Gongcheng Kexue Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Engineering. Vol. 38 (8), p. 1145-1152
Journal article

Microstructure and phases constitution of Cr3C2/Ni3Al composites prepared by hot isostatic pressing (HIP)

L. H. Fu, W. Han, Changhai Li et al
Journal of Iron and Steel Research. Vol. 28 (12), p. 52-58
Journal article

Study on fracture of the fibrous monolith cemented carbide

C. Ding, X. Liu, Yi Li et al
Advanced Materials Research. Vol. 815, p. 43-47
Journal article

Microstructure and mechanical properties of sintered fibrous monolith cemented carbide

X. Liu, C. Ding, Changhai Li et al
Advanced Materials Research. Vol. 815, p. 233-239
Journal article

Wear Evaluation on Ni3Al/MnS Composite Related to Metallurgical Processes

Karin Anne Xia Gong, H. L. Luo, Zhi-feng Zhou et al
Journal of Iron and Steel Research International. Vol. 19 (7), p. 46-54
Journal article

Formation of In-Situ Dispersion Strengthening Particles in Cast FeCrAl Alloy

S. Feng, W. Han, H. L. Luo et al
Journal of Iron and Steel Research International. Vol. 17 (2), p. 74-78
Journal article

Wear of Ni3Al-based materials and its chromium-carbide reinforced composites

Karin Anne Xia Gong, Heli Luo, Di Feng et al
Wear. Vol. 265 (11-12), p. 1751-1755
Journal article

Toughening Effect and Oxidation Behavior of MoSi2-ZrO2 Composites

Karin Anne Xia Gong, Changhai Li, Yiming Yao
Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings MRS. Vol. 980, p. 339-344
Journal article

Ni3Al-based Intermetallic Alloys as A New Type of High-Temperature and Wear-Resistant Materials

Karin Anne Xia Gong, Luo He-li, Feng Di et al
Journal of Iron and Steel Research International. Vol. 14 (5, Suppl. 1), p. 21-25
Journal article

Toughening effect and oxidation behavior of MoSi2-ZrO2 composites

Karin Anne Xia Gong, Yiming Yao, Erik Ström et al
Boston,MA 2006,MRS Fall meeting; November27-December 1,Hynes Convention Center & Sheraton Boston Hotel Boston,MA. Vol. 980 (0980-II05-35), p. 339-344
Conference poster

Work Hardening and Flow Softening of γ-TiAl Containing Ni

Ji Zhang, Kenong Xia, Erik Ström et al
Materials Science Forum. Vol. 449-452, p. 833-836
Journal article

Microstructure and properties stability of Al-alloyed MoSi2 matrix composites

Pavel Krakhmalev, Erik Ström, Changhai Li
Intermetallics. Vol. 12 (2), p. 225-233
Journal article

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