Anton Chyrkin

Researcher at Energy and Material

My research is mainly focused on high-temperature corrosion of metallic materials such as Ni-base superalloys widely used in the gas turbine technology as well as protective coatings for single-crystal turbine blades. My previous studies aimed at developing novel modelling approaches to quantitatively describe the degradation phenomena in high-temperature materials to better understand the underlying corrosion mechanisms as well as to predict lifetime limits of these materials in given applications. Currently, I am involved in developing a novel workstation for in-situ studies of corrosion processes and analysis of the nano-scale corrosion products. Currently, I work in the SOFC project studying fundamental aspects of degradation mechanisms related to oxidation of high-alloyed ferritic steels exposed to dual atmospheres.

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The effect of hydrogen on the breakdown of the protective oxide scale in solid oxide fuel cell interconnects

Kerem Gündüz, Anton Chyrkin, Claudia Goebel et al
Corrosion Science. Vol. 179
Journal article

Synchrotron Sub-μ X-ray Tomography of Kirkendall Porosity in a Diffusion Couple of Nickel-Base Superalloy and Nickel after Annealing at 1250 °C

Alexander Epishin, Bettina Camin, Lennart Hansen et al
Advanced Engineering Materials. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Corrosion Behavior of Austenitic Stainless Steels in Oxidizing and Reducing Gases Relevant to Oxyfuel Power Plants

P. Huczkowski, S. Najima, Anton Chyrkin et al
JOM. Vol. 70 (8), p. 1502-1510
Journal article

Effect of alloying elements in Ni-base substrate material on interdiffusion processes in MCrAlY-coated systems

T. Galiullin, Anton Chyrkin, R. Pillai et al
Surface and Coatings Technology. Vol. 350, p. 359-368
Journal article

Stability of External alpha-Al2O3 Scales on Alloy 602 CA at 1100-1200 A degrees C

Anton Chyrkin, R. Swadzba, R. Pillai et al
Oxidation of Metals. Vol. 90 (1-2), p. 119-133
Journal article

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