Dmytro Romanchenko

Visiting Researcher at Energy Technology

Dmytro Romanchenko is a member of the Energy System Analysis group at the Division of Energy Technology. His research is focused on the role of the Swedish building stock in the transition to a sustainable energy system. The work is based on the computer based optimisation modelling which aims to increase understanding of how the building stock can facilitate integration of renewable energy resources, provide demand response services and operate as an energy storage. The research integrates both the energy supply, particularly district heating systems, and the demand sides.

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Balancing investments in building energy conservation measures with investments in district heating – A Swedish case study

Dmytro Romanchenko, Emil Nyholm, Mikael Odenberger et al
Energy and Buildings. Vol. 226
Journal article

Flexibility Potential of Space Heating Demand Response in Buildings for District Heating Systems

Dmytro Romanchenko, Emil Nyholm, Mikael Odenberger et al
Energies. Vol. 12 (15)
Journal article

Thermal energy storage in district heating: Centralised storage vs. storage in thermal inertia of buildings

Dmytro Romanchenko, Johan Kensby, Mikael Odenberger et al
Energy Conversion and Management. Vol. 162, p. 26-38
Journal article

Impact of electricity price fluctuations on the operation of district heating systems: A case study of district heating in Göteborg, Sweden

Dmytro Romanchenko, Mikael Odenberger, Lisa Göransson et al
Applied Energy. Vol. 204, p. 16-30
Journal article

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Demand Response of the future Swedish building stock

Filip Johnsson Energy Technology
Dmytro Romanchenko Energy Technology 1
Mikael Odenberger Energy Technology
Emil Nyholm Energy Technology 2
Lisa Göransson Energy Technology 2
Swedish Energy Agency

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