Tyler Doughty

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Identification of a novel gene required for competitive growth at high temperature in the thermotolerant yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus

Noemi Montini, Tyler Doughty, Iván Domenzain Del Castillo Cerecer et al
Microbiology. Vol. 168 (3)
Journal article

A single chromosome strain of S. cerevisiae exhibits diminished ethanol metabolism and tolerance

Tyler Doughty, Rosemary Brown, Fang Chao et al
BMC Genomics. Vol. 22 (1)
Journal article

Transcriptomic response of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to octanoic acid production

Leonie Baumann, Tyler Doughty, Verena Siewers et al
FEMS Yeast Research. Vol. 21 (2)
Journal article

Stress-induced expression is enriched for evolutionarily young genes in diverse budding yeasts

Tyler Doughty, Iván Domenzain Del Castillo Cerecer, Aaron Millan-Oropeza et al
Nature Communications. Vol. 11 (1)
Journal article

Extracting novel hypotheses and findings from RNA-seq data

Tyler Doughty, Eduard Kerkhoven
FEMS Yeast Research. Vol. 20 (2)
Review article

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