Isabelle Dubois

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Dependency of BET surface area on particle size for some granitic minerals.

Isabelle Dubois, Stellan Holgersson, Stefan Allard et al
Proc. Radiochimica Acta. Vol. 1, p. 75-82
Journal article

Correlation between particle size and surface area for chlorite and K-feldspar

Isabelle Dubois, Stellan Holgersson, Stefan Allard et al
Water-Rock Interaction. B. Torres-Alvarado. London, Taylor & Francis Group, p. 717-720
Paper in proceeding

Nickel Sorption on Chlorite: Batch experiments and modeling.

Isabelle Dubois, Åsa Zazzi, Maria Malmström
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 73 (13) Suppl S.: A309. Vol. 73 (13), p. A309-
Paper in proceeding

Extraction of actinides with different 6,60-bis(5,6-dialkyl-[1,2,4]-triazin-3-yl)[2,20]-bipyridines (BTBPs)

Teodora Retegan Vollmer, Christian Ekberg, Isabelle Dubois et al
Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange. Vol. 25 (4), p. 417-431
Journal article

Extraction behaviour of nickel(II) using some of the BTBP-class ligands

Christian Ekberg, Isabelle Dubois, Anna Fermvik et al
Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange. Vol. 25(11) (25(11)), p. 603-617
Journal article

Partitioning and Transmutation Annual Report 2006

Isabelle Dubois, Christian Ekberg, Sofie Englund et al

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