Anne Elerud-Tryde

Anne Elerud-Tryde is a doctoral student at the division of Innovation and R&D Management and connected to Center for Business Innovation (CBI). Before being employed at the division she has worked as a project assistent in projects run by the Center for Business Innovation. Anne holds a M.Sc. degree in Management and Economics of Innovation from Chalmers University of Technology. Presently Anne investigates the early phases of innovation work, how ideas are generated, assessed and managed by the organisation. Anne works as course assistant in different courses in the MEI programme. Anne is also Master's thesis coordinator at the division of Innovation and R&D Management. Below Anne describes her tasks as master's thesis coordinator:My work as a Master's thesis coordinator is to manage MEI student's queries about doing a degree project at "the division of Innovation and R&D Management. The purpose is to facilitate the contact between students and tutors, i.e. I don't choose a tutor for the students. Instead I recommend suitable tutors. You are welcome to contact me for any questions about how to find a good tutor. The researchers at the division get many requests for tutoring degree projects, but unfortunately it's not always possible to say yes. Time and interest are important factors."Here are some useful tips that may increase your chances of finding a suitable tutor for your project: -- Try to find a degree project that has interests in common with the research at the division. -- Feel free to contact people early to get a chance to discuss your ideas for the degree project. -- It's always easier to make a decision on an elaborated proposal, therefore consider what you would like to write about and write down your thoughts in a memo. Suggestions on what to include in the memo are background, purpose, project plan, time plan and how you think you can contribute academically through your degree project. -- If you want to write about a subject outside the direct framework for the research at our division, you may try to find a tutor from another division within the Department of Technology Management and Economics.




Innovation jams as vehicles for innovation

Anne Elerud-Tryde
Doctoral thesis

Y Beyond the Generation of Ideas: Virtual Idea Campaigns to Spur Creativity and Innovation

Anne Elerud-Tryde, S. Hooge
Creativity and Innovation Management. Vol. 23 (3), p. 290-302
Journal article

CBIs studie om innovationsledning

Henrik Berglund, Joakim Björkdahl, Sofia Börjesson et al

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The role of innovation functions for innovative product development in large firms.

Sofia Börjesson Innovation and R&D Management
Maria Elmquist Technology Management and Economics
Anne Elerud-Tryde Innovation and R&D Management

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