Henrik Eliasson

Doktorand at Chalmers, Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2), Photonics

Henrik Eliasson was born in Sorsele, Sweden in 1985. He received his B.Sc. in Engineering Physics in 2011 and M.Sc. from the Wireless, Photonics and Space Engineering program in 2012 at Chalmers. The M.Sc. project was done in collaboration with EXFO Sweden AB. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree at the Photonics Laboratory.

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Noiseless phase-sensitive optical amplifiers and their applications

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Dispersion management for nonlinearity mitigation in two-span 28 GBaud QPSK phase-sensitive amplifier links

Henrik Eliasson, E. Astra, Samuel L I Olsson et al
Optics Express. Vol. 25 (12), p. 13163-13173
Journal article

Experimental investigation of nonlinearity mitigation properties of a hybrid distributed Raman/phase-sensitive amplifier link

Samuel L I Olsson, Peter Andrekson, Magnus Karlsson et al
Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC). Vol. Part F40-OFC 2017, p. Th3J.4-
Paper in proceedings

Time-Domain Digital Back Propagation: Algorithm and Finite-Precision Implementation Aspects

Christoffer Fougstedt, Per Larsson-Edefors, Magnus Karlsson et al
Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition, p. Article no 7937325-
Paper in proceedings

Mitigation of nonlinear distortion in hybrid Raman/phase-sensitive amplifier links

Samuel L I Olsson, Peter Andrekson, Henrik Eliasson et al
Optics Express. Vol. 24 (2), p. 888-900
Journal article

Mitigation of nonlinearities using conjugate data repetition

Henrik Eliasson, Magnus Karlsson, Pontus Johannisson et al
Optics Express. Vol. 23 (3), p. 2392-2402
Journal article

Mask testing of 28 gbaud 16-QAM transmitters using time-resolved error vector magnitude

Henrik Eliasson, Carl Peter Lundström, Pontus Johannisson et al
Signal Processing in Photonic Communications, SPPCom 2015; Omni Parker HouseBoston; United States; 27 June 2015 through 1 July 2015, p. SpS4D.3-
Paper in proceedings

Comparison between Coherent Superposition in DSP and PSA for Mitigation of Nonlinearities in a Single-span Link

Magnus Karlsson, Samuel L I Olsson, Henrik Eliasson et al
European Conference on Optical Communication, ECOC 2014; Cannes; France; 21 September 2014 through 25 September 2014, p. Art. no. 6964015-
Paper in proceedings

Transmitter mask testing for 28 GBaud PM-QPSK

Peter Andrekson, Henrik Eliasson, Pontus Johannisson et al
Optical Communication (ECOC 2013), 39th European Conference and Exhibition on, p. 282 - 284
Paper in proceedings