Anna-Lena Elled

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Sewage sludge as a deposit inhibitor when co-fired with high potassium fuels

Anna-Lena Elled, Kent Davidsson, Lars-Erik Åmand
Biomass and Bioenergy. Vol. 34 (11), p. 1546-1554
Journal article

The impact of zeolites during co-combustion of municipal sewage sludge with alkali and chlorine rich fuels

Anita Pettersson, Anna-Lena Elled, AnnaBell Möller et al
Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Fluidized Bed Combustion in Xi:an, China May 18-20, 2009. Vol. 2, p. 903-909
Paper in proceeding

Fate of Zinc during Combustion of Demolition Wood in a Fluidized Bed Boiler

Anna-Lena Elled, Lars-Erik Åmand
Energy & Fuels. Vol. 22 (3), p. 1519-1526
Journal article

Countermeasures against alkali-related problems during combustion of biomass in a circulating fluidized bed boiler

Kent Davidsson, Lars-Erik Åmand, Britt-Marie Steenari et al
Chemical Engineering Science. Vol. 63, p. 5314-5329
Journal article

Influence of phosphorus on sulphur capture during co-firing

Anna-Lena Elled, Lars-Erik Åmand, Bo G Leckner et al
Fuel. Vol. 85, p. 1671-1678
Journal article

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