Inna Ermilova

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New insights into the protein stabilizing effects of trehalose by comparing with sucrose

Kajsa Ahlgren, Christoffer Olsson, Inna Ermilova et al
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Vol. In Press
Journal article

On the interactions between RNA and titrateable lipid layers: implications for RNA delivery with lipid nanoparticles

Jennifer Gilbert, Inna Ermilova, Marco Fornasier et al
Nanoscale. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Effect of encapsulated protein on the dynamics of lipid sponge phase: a neutron spin echo and molecular dynamics simulation study

Jennifer Gilbert, Inna Ermilova, Michihiro Nagao et al
Nanoscale. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Component of cannabis, cannabidiol, as a possible drug against the cytotoxicity of Aβ(31-35) and Aβ(25-35) peptides: An investigation by molecular dynamics and well-tempered metadynamics simulations

Wojciech Chrobak, Dawid Wojciech Pacut, Fredrik Blomgren et al
ACS Chemical Neuroscience. Vol. 12 (4), p. 660-674
Journal article

Lipid Sponge Phase as a Matrix for Enzyme Encapsulation: Structure and Dynamics

Jennifer Gilbert, Maria Valldeperas Badell, Inna Ermilova et al
Other conference contribution

Atomistic molecular dynamics simulations of tubulin heterodimers explain the motion of a microtubule

Alexandr Nasedkin, Inna Ermilova, Jan Swenson
European Biophysics Journal. Vol. 50 (7), p. 927-940
Journal article

DOPC versus DOPE as a helper lipid for gene-therapies: molecular dynamics simulations with DLin-MC3-DMA

Inna Ermilova, Jan Swenson
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Vol. 22 (48), p. 28256-28268
Journal article

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