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An Adaptive Opposition-based Learning Selection: The Case for Jaya Algorithm

Abdullah B. Nasser, Kamal Z. Zamli, Fadhl Mohammad Omar Hujainah et al
IEEE Access. Vol. 9, p. 55581-55594
Journal article

SIM-PFED: A Simulation-Based Decision Making Model of Patient Flow for Improving Patient Throughput Time in Emergency Department

Nidal Hamza, Mazlina Abdul Majid, Fadhl Mohammad Omar Hujainah
IEEE Access. Vol. 9, p. 103419-103439
Journal article

Higher education institutions with artificial intelligence: roles, promises, and requirements

Basheer Al-haimi, Fadhl Mohammad Omar Hujainah, Daing Nasir et al
Studies in Computational Intelligence, p. 221-238
Book chapter

SRPTackle: A semi-automated requirements prioritisation technique for scalable requirements of software system projects

Fadhl Mohammad Omar Hujainah, Rohani Binti Abu Bakar, Abdullah B. Nasser et al
Information and Software Technology. Vol. 131
Journal article

Interrelated Elements in Formulating an Efficient Requirements Prioritization Technique: Review

Fadhl Mohammad Omar Hujainah
2020 10th IEEE International Conference on Control System, Computing and Engineering (ICCSCE), p. 97-101
Paper in proceeding

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