Cecilia Fager

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Convolutional neural networks for segmentation of FIB-SEM nanotomography data from porous polymer films for controlled drug release

Fredrik Skärberg, Cecilia Fager, Francisco Mendoza-Lara et al
Journal of Microscopy. Vol. 283 (1), p. 51-63
Journal article

Three-dimensional reconstruction of porous polymer films from FIB-SEM nanotomography data using random forests

Magnus Röding, Cecilia Fager, A. Olsson et al
Journal of Microscopy. Vol. 281 (1), p. 76-86
Journal article

Correlating 3D porous structure in polymer films with mass transport properties using FIB-SEM tomography

Cecilia Fager, Tobias Gebäck, Johan Hjärtstam et al
Chemical Engineering Science: X. Vol. 12
Journal article

New characterization measures of pore shape and connectivity applied to coatings used for controlled drug release

Sandra Eriksson Barman, Cecilia Fager, Magnus Röding et al
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Vol. 110 (7), p. 2753-2764
Journal article

3D high spatial resolution visualisation and quantification of interconnectivity in polymer films

Cecilia Fager, Sandra Eriksson Barman, Magnus Röding et al
International Journal of Pharmaceutics. Vol. 587
Journal article

Optimization of FIB-SEM Tomography and Reconstruction for Soft, Porous, and Poorly Conducting Materials

Cecilia Fager, Magnus Röding, Anna Olsson et al
Microscopy and Microanalysis. Vol. 26 (4), p. 837-845
Journal article

Fabrication and Characterization of Plasmonic Nanopores with Cavities in the Solid Support

Bita Malekian, Kunli Xiong, Gustav Emilsson et al
Sensors. Vol. 17 (6), p. Article no. 1444 -
Journal article

Understanding and utilizing the biomolecule/nanosystems interface: Soft materials and coatings for controlled drug release

Loerto Megido, Esther Y. Chen, Wendy F. Liu et al
Nanotechnologies in Preventive and Regenerative Medicine: An Emerging Big Picture, p. 244-260
Book chapter

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Material structures seen through microscopes and statistics

Aila Särkkä Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Cecilia Fager Nano and Biophysics
Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF)

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