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Strongly Stretched Protein Resistant Poly(ethylene glycol) Brushes Prepared by Grafting-To

Gustav Emilsson, Rafael L. Schoch, Laurent Feuz et al
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Vol. 7 (14), p. 7505-7515
Journal article

Highly directional bottom-up 3D nanoantenna for visible light

Lianming Tong, Tavakol Pakizeh, Laurent Feuz et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 3
Journal article

Design of Intelligent Surface Modifications and Optimal Liquid Handling for Nanoscale Bioanalytical Sensors

Laurent Feuz, Fredrik Höök, E. Reimhult
Intelligent Surfaces in Biotechnology: Scientific and Engineering Concepts, Enabling Technologies, and Translation to Bio-Oriented Applications, p. 71-122
Book chapter

Material-Selective Surface Chemistry for Nanoplasmonic Sensors: Optimizing Sensitivity and Controlling Binding to Local Hot Spots

Laurent Feuz, Magnus Jonsson, Fredrik Höök
Nano Letters. Vol. 12 (2), p. 873-879
Journal article

Characterization and application of a surface modification designed for QCM-D studies of biotinylated biomolecules

Erik Nilebäck, Laurent Feuz, H. Uddenberg et al
Biosensors and Bioelectronics. Vol. 28 (1), p. 407-413
Journal article

Locally Functionalized Short-Range Ordered Nanoplasmonic Pores for Bioanalytical Sensing

Magnus Jonsson, Andreas Dahlin, Laurent Feuz et al
Analytical Chemistry. Vol. 82 (5), p. 2087-2094
Journal article

Improving the Limit of Detection of Nanoscale Sensors by Directed Binding to High-Sensitivity Areas

Laurent Feuz, Peter Jönsson, Magnus Jonsson et al
ACS Nano. Vol. 4 (4), p. 2167-2177
Journal article

A simple nanoplasmonic sensor with microliter sample handling

Laurent Feuz, Hossein Agheli, Anders Gunnarsson et al
European Cells and Materials. Vol. 20 (suppl. 3), p. 81-
Paper in proceedings

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