Frida Smith

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Integrating perspectives of patients, healthcare professionals, system developers and academics in the co-design of a digital information tool

Annika Grynne, Maria Browall, Sofi Fristedt et al
PLoS ONE. Vol. 16 (7 July)
Journal article

Exploring power shifts as an enabler for a strengthened patient role in quality improvements: A Swedish survey study

Ida Gremyr, Mattias Elg, Erik Eriksson et al
BMJ open quality. Vol. 10 (1)
Review article

Digi-Do: a digital information tool to support patients with breast cancer before, during, and after start of radiotherapy treatment: an RCT study protocol

Sofi Fristedt, Frida Smith, Annika Grynne et al
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. Vol. 21 (1)
Journal article

Fourteen years of quality improvement education in healthcare: a utilisation-focused evaluation using concept mapping

Frida Smith, Patrik Alexandersson, Bo Bergman et al
BMJ open quality. Vol. 8 (4), p. e000795-
Journal article

New roles in healthcare services resulting from increased patient involvement

Ida Gremyr, Frida Smith, Mattias Elg et al
29th RESER conference
Paper in proceeding

Evaluating the implementation and use of the regional cancer plan in Western Sweden through concept mapping

Frida Smith, Katrin Asta Gunnarsdottir, Anna Genell et al
International Journal for Quality in Health Care. Vol. 31 (7), p. G44-G52
Journal article

Exploration of dynamics in a complex person-centred intervention process based on health professionals' perspectives

Febe Friberg, Catarina Wallengren, Cecilia Håkanson et al
BMC Health Services Research. Vol. 18 (1)
Journal article

Exploring the phase for highest impact on radicality: a cross-sectional study of patient involvement in quality improvement in Swedish healthcare

Ida Gremyr, Mattias Elg, Frida Smith et al
BMJ Open. Vol. 8 (11), p. e021958-
Journal article

Preparedness for Colorectal Cancer Surgery and Recovery Through a Person - Centred Information and Communication Intervention -A Quasi-Experimental Longitudinal Design

Cecilia Haakanson, Joakim Ohlen, Rick Sawatzky et al
Psycho-Oncology. Vol. 27, p. 208-208
Journal article

Dynamics in a complex person-centred intervention process in colorectal cancer care. An exploration based in health professionals' perspectives

Cecilia Elisabet Haakanson, Febe Friberg, Joakim Ohlen et al
Other conference contribution

Readability, suitability and comprehensibility in patient education materials for Swedish patients with colorectal cancer undergoing elective surgery: a mixed method design

Frida Smith, E. Carlsson, D. Kokkinakis et al
Patient Education and Counseling. Vol. 94 (2), p. 202-209
Journal article

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