Frida Svelander

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Robust Intersection of Structured Hexahedral Meshes and Degenerate Triangle Meshes with Volume Fraction Applications

Frida Svelander, Gustav Kettil, Tomas Johnson et al
Numerical Algorithms. Vol. 77 (4), p. 1029-1068
Journal article

Conjugated heat transfer simulation of a heated cylinder and an electronic device with the hybrid immersed boundary method

Frida Svelander, Andreas Mark, Tomas Johnson et al
ECMI 2016 Book of Abstracts, Edited by: Peregrina Quintela, Patricia Barral, Dolores Gómez, Francisco-José Pena, Jerónimo Rodriguez, Pilar Salgado, Miguel E. Vasquez-Méndez. Presented at 19th European Conference on Mathematics for Industry, Santiago de Compostela (Spain), June, 13-17, 2016, p. 485-
Other conference contribution

Detailed Simulations of Early Paper Forming

Gustav Kettil, Andreas Mark, Frida Svelander et al
COST FP1005 Fibre Suspension Flow Modelling Final Conference Trondheim 2015 June 9-11
Paper in proceeding

Novel Contact Forces for Immersed Boundary Paper Forming Simulations

Gustav Kettil, Andreas Mark, Frida Svelander et al
Online proceedings:; PF2 - The Past, Present and Future of CFD Papermaking; PaperCon 2015 Atlanta April 19-22
Paper in proceeding

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