Daniel Gazda

Gästforskare at Subatomic and Plasma Physics
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Quantifying uncertainties in nuclear matrix elements for dark matter searches

Daniel Gazda, Christian Forssen, Riccardo Catena
AIP Conference Proceedings. Vol. 2165
Paper in proceeding

Charge symmetry breaking in light Λ hypernuclei

Avraham Gal, Daniel Gazda
Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol. 966 (1)
Journal article

Hypernuclear no-core shell model

Roland Wirth, Daniel Gazda, P. Navratil et al
Physical Review C. Vol. 97 (6)
Journal article

Ab initio nuclear response functions for dark matter searches

Daniel Gazda, Riccardo Catena, Christian Forssen
Physical Review D. Vol. 95 (10), p. Article Number: 103011-
Journal article

Charge symmetry breaking in the A=4 hypernuclei

Daniel Gazda, A. Gal
Nuclear Physics A. Vol. 954, p. 161-175
Journal article

Ab initio Calculations of Charge Symmetry Breaking in the A=4 Hypernuclei

Daniel Gazda, A. Gal
Physical Review Letters. Vol. 116 (12)
Journal article

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Discovering Dark Matter Particles in the Laboratory

Christian Forssen Subatomic and Plasma Physics
Riccardo Catena Subatomic and Plasma Physics
Daniel Gazda Subatomic and Plasma Physics
Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation

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