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Design e cidades: espaços públicos e a relação com a mobilidade urbana ativa (Design and cities: public spaces and the relationship with active urban mobility)

Pâmela Emi Koga, Letícia Zem Messias, Felipe Dalla Pria Leme et al
VIII Simpósio de Design Sustentável/Symposium on Sustainable Design
Paper in proceeding

Design ativismo ou design ativista? (Design activism or activist design?)

Gheysa Prado
Estudos em Design. Vol. 29 (3), p. 52-65
Journal article

CoolabBici: sistema de apoio para sensibilização e promoção do uso da bicicleta como transporte (CoolabBici: support system to raise awareness and promote the use of bicycles as transportation)

Gheysa Prado, Kamila Elisabeth do Espírito Santo Almeida Coelho da Cruz, Marina Caus dos Santos et al
Revista Experiência. Vol. 6 (02), p. 1-20
Journal article

Strategies of Design for Social Innovation and Design Activism in the Promotion of Positive Social Capital During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Brazil

Gheysa Prado, Felipe Dalla Pria Leme, Letícia Zem Messias et al
Strategic Design Research Journal. Vol. 13 (03), p. 364-373
Journal article

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The guiding hand of Infrastructure -Nudging bicyclists towards safer and more efficient behaviour

Pontus Wallgren Design & Human Factors
Helena Strömberg Design & Human Factors
Gheysa Prado Design & Human Factors
AoA Transport Funds

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