CoolabBici: sistema de apoio para sensibilização e promoção do uso da bicicleta como transporte (CoolabBici: support system to raise awareness and promote the use of bicycles as transportation)
Journal article, 2020

The extension project 'Raising awareness for the use of bicycles as transport whitin UFPR community' aims to promote behaviour change of commuting transport modes. The project has a series of educational activities and other interactions among the community and it is responsible for the development of the bike-sharing system, built up using refurbished bicycles, the CoolabBici. This paper aims to present the steps for the development and working of the bike-sharing system using Service Design Thinking as main method. The results point out that the system can be replicated and expanded.

Urban mobility


Design thinking


Gheysa Prado

Universidade Federal do Parana

Kamila Elisabeth do Espírito Santo Almeida Coelho da Cruz

Universidade Federal do Parana

Marina Caus dos Santos

Universidade Federal do Parana

Carolina Teixeira dos Santos

Universidade Federal do Parana

Letícia Zem Messias

Universidade Federal do Parana

Revista Experiência

2447-1151 (eISSN)

Vol. 6 02 1-20

Subject Categories

Architectural Engineering

Transport Systems and Logistics

Driving Forces

Sustainable development

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