Johan Göhl

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Coalescence-induced jumping of microdroplets on superhydrophobic surfaces – A numerical study

Konstantinos Konstantinidis, Johan Göhl, Andreas Mark et al
Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering. Vol. 100 (12, Special Issue Article), p. 3517-3530
Journal article

Coalescence-induced jumping of droplets from superhydrophobic surfaces - the effect of contact-angle hysteresis

Konstantinos Konstantinidis, Johan Göhl, Andreas Mark et al
Physics of Fluids. Vol. 34 (11)
Journal article

Simulation of jet printing of solder paste for surface mounted technology

Gustaf Mårtensson, Johan Göhl, Andreas Mark
Soldering and Surface Mount Technology. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Cycling stability of Poly(Ethylene Glycol) of six molecular weights: influence of thermal conditions for energy applications

Robert Paberit, Erik Rilby, Johan Göhl et al
ACS Applied Energy Materials. Vol. 3 (11), p. 10578-10589
Journal article

Simulations of 3D bioprinting: predicting bioprintability of nanofibrillar inks

Johan Göhl, Kajsa Markstedt, Andreas Mark et al
Biofabrication. Vol. 10 (3)
Journal article

An Immersed Boundary Based Dynamic Contact Angle Framework for Handling Complex Surfaces of Mixed Wettabilities

Johan Göhl, Andreas Mark, Srdjan Sasic et al
International Journal of Multiphase Flow. Vol. 109, p. 164-177
Journal article

Manipulation of phase transition temperatures and supercooling of sugar alcohols based Phase Change Materials (PCMs) by urea

Johan Göhl, Robert Paberit, Erik Rilby et al
Proceedings of the INNOSTORAGE conference, Beer Sheva, Israel
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