Jean-Philippe Gras

Doktor at Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, GeoEngineering



Creep of Geomaterials (CREEP)

Minna Karstunen GeoEngineering
Amardeep Amavasai GeoEngineering
Mats Karlsson GeoEngineering
Jean-Philippe Gras GeoEngineering
Claes Alén GeoEngineering
Jelke Dijkstra GeoEngineering
Jorge Yannie GeoEngineering
European Commission (FP7)

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Strategy for consistent model parameter calibration for soft soils using multi-objective optimisation

Jean-Philippe Gras, N. Sivasithamparam, Minna Karstunen et al
Computers and Geotechnics. Vol. 90, p. 164-175
Journal article

Permissible range of model parameters for natural fine grained materials

Jean-Philippe Gras, N Sivasithampram, Minna Karstunen et al
Acta Geotechnica
Journal article