Kenneth Hamberg

Gästforskare at Advanced Non-destructive Testing

Kenneth Hamberg became PhD 1986 with the thesis Microstructural Influence on the Fatigue Properties of Steel. The theses treated how a propagating fatigue crack interacted with the microstructure in steel. After disputation he was employed by AB Volvo, materials laboratory where he worked with cast material, mainly ductile and grey iron. Main activities here were quality of cast products and development of new alloys. 1999 he got a teaching position at Materials and Manufacturing Technology at Chalmers.




Karakterisering och livslängdsanalys av lasersvetsar med avseende på enskilda porer och kedjeporositet

Håkan Wirdelius Advanced Non-destructive Testing
Erik Lindgren Advanced Non-destructive Testing
Peter Hammersberg Quality Sciences
Kenneth Hamberg Advanced Non-destructive Testing

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Integrity and quality assessment applied on laser welded titanium components

Håkan Wirdelius, Kenneth Hamberg, Erik Lindgren
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Paper in proceedings

TEM study of carbide precipitation in low alloyed austempered ductile iron

Yiming Yao, Kenneth Hamberg, Henrik Borgström et al
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The Performance of PVD Coated Grade in Milling of ADI 900

Kenneth Hamberg, Ibrahim Sadik
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Microstructural influence on Machinability of Wheel hubs in Ductile Iron

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Microstructural influence on machinability of wheel hubs in ductile cast iron

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ULiAS4-Experimental validation of a software that models ultrasonic wave propagation through an anisotropic weld

Håkan Wirdelius, Gert Persson, Kenneth Hamberg
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Chunky Graphite formation and influence on Mechanichal Properties in Ductile Cast Iron

Richard Källbom, Kenneth Hamberg, Lars Erik Björkegren
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Chunky Graphite in Ductile Iron Castings

Richard Källbom, Kenneth Hamberg, Lars Erik Björkegren
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Fatigue Crack Growth in Ductile Iron

Kenneth Hamberg, Marie Mörtsell, Anders Björkblad et al
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On the Solidification Sequence of ductile iron Castings containing Chunky Graphite

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