Hanne Evenbratt

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ToF-SIMS imaging of dual biomolecular monolayer gradients

Hanne Evenbratt, Marwa Munem, Per Malmberg
Biointerphases. Vol. 15 (6)
Journal article

Insights on proximity effect and multiphoton induced luminescence from gold nanospheres in far field optical microscopy

Johan Borglin, Stina Guldbrand, Hanne Evenbratt et al
Applied Physics Letters. Vol. 107 (23), p. artikel nr 234101-
Journal article

Cubic and Sponge Phases in Ether Lipid-Solvent-Water Ternary Systems: Phase Behavior and NMR Characterization

Hanne Evenbratt, Lars Nordstierna, Marica B Ericson et al
Langmuir. Vol. 29 (42), p. 13058-13065
Journal article

In vivo study of an instantly formed lipid-water cubic phase formulation for efficient topical delivery of aminolevulinic acid and methyl-aminolevulinate

Hanne Evenbratt, Charlotte A Jonsson, Jan Faergemann et al
International Journal of Pharmaceutics. Vol. 452 (1-2), p. 270-275
Journal article

Design and characterization of a novel amphiphilic chitosan nanocapsule-based thermo-gelling biogel with sustained in vivo release of the hydrophilic anti-epilepsy drug ethosuximide

Meng-Hsuan Hsiao, Mikael Larsson, Anette Larsson et al
Journal of Controlled Release. Vol. 161 (3), p. 942-948
Journal article

Effect of pentane-1,5-diol and propane-1,2-diol on percutaneous absorption of terbinafine

Hanne Evenbratt, Jan Faergemann
Acta Dermato-Venereologica. Vol. 89 (2), p. 126-9
Journal article

Effects of Calcium, pH, and Blockiness on Kinetic Rheological Behavior and Microstructure of HM Pectin Gels

Caroline E E Löfgren, Stephanie Guillotin, Hanne Evenbratt et al
Biomacromolecules. Vol. 6 (2), p. 646-652
Journal article

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