Hans Fredriksson

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Nanofabricated catalyst particles for the investigation of catalytic carbon oxidation by oxygen spillover

Carl Justin Kamp, Héctor Hugo Pérez Garza, Hans Fredriksson et al
Langmuir. Vol. 33 (20), p. 4903-4912
Journal article

Reduction of Cu-Promoted Fe Model Catalysts Studied by In Situ Indirect Nanoplasmonic Sensing and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Hans Fredriksson, Elin Maria Kristina Larsson, J. W. Niemantsverdriet
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 119 (8), p. 4085-4094
Journal article

Light induced selective heating of nanostructured pyrolitic graphite surfaces investigated by Raman scattering

J. F. Cardenas, Hans Fredriksson, Bengt Herbert Kasemo et al
Chemical Physics. Vol. 415, p. 232-236
Journal article

Nanostructures for Enhanced Light Absorption in Solar Energy Devices

Gustav Edman Jönsson, Hans Fredriksson, Raja Sellappan et al
International Journal of Photoenergy. Vol. 2011
Journal article

Preparation and characterization of TiO2/carbon composite thin films with enhanced photocatalytic activity

Raja Sellappan, Jiefang Zhu, Hans Fredriksson et al
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical. Vol. 335 (1-2), p. 136-144
Journal article

Fabrication of poly- and single-crystalline platinum nanostructures using hole-mask colloidal lithography, electrodeposition and annealing

Björn Wickman, Hans Fredriksson, Stefan Gustafsson et al
Nanotechnology. Vol. 22 (34), p. 345302-
Journal article

Resonant optical absorption in graphite nanostructures

Hans Fredriksson, Tavakol Pakizeh, Mikael Käll et al
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics. Vol. 11 (11)
Journal article

Patterning of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite and glassy carbon surfaces by nanolithography and oxygen plasma etching

Hans Fredriksson, Dinko Chakarov, Bengt Herbert Kasemo
Carbon. Vol. 47 (5), p. 1335-1342
Journal article

Enhanced nanoplasmonic optical sensors with reduced substrate effect

Alexander Dmitriev, Carl Hägglund, Si Chen et al
Nano Letters. Vol. 8 (11), p. 3893-3898
Journal article

Hole-Mask Colloidal Lithography

Hans Fredriksson, Yury Alaverdyan, Alexander Dmitriev et al
Advanced Materials. Vol. 19, p. 4297-4302
Journal article

Nanostructured platinum on carbon model electro-catalysts, prepared by colloidal lithography

Marie Gustafsson, Hans Fredriksson, Bengt Herbert Kasemo et al
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry. Vol. 568, p. 371-377
Journal article

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