Marcus Hedegärd

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Convex Identification of Minimal Function Bases for Cylinder Pressure by Using Pressure Values as Basis Weights

Marcus Hedegärd, Torsten Wik, Krister Fredriksson et al
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology. Vol. 27 (1), p. 346-354
Journal article

Adaptive Hysteresis Compensation Using Reduced Memory Sequences

Marcus Hedegärd, Torsten Wik, C. Wallin
IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics. Vol. 22 (5), p. 2296-2307
Journal article

Non-parametric convex identification of extended generalized Prandtl–Ishlinskii models

Marcus Hedegärd, Torsten Wik
Automatica. Vol. 50 (2), p. 465-474
Journal article

Convex identification of models for asymmetric hysteresis

Marcus Hedegärd, Torsten Wik
American Control Conference, p. 4753-4758
Paper in proceedings

An online method for estimation of degradable substrate and biomass in an aerated activated sludge process

Marcus Hedegärd, Torsten Wik
Water Research. Vol. 45 (19), p. 6308-6320
Journal article

Observer design for the activated sludge process

Marcus Hedegärd, Torsten Wik
Conference contribution

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Skattning av cylinderseparerat cylindertryck för effektivare och renare förbränning.

Marcus Hedegärd Automatic Control
Torsten Wik Automatic Control
Swedish Energy Agency
Volvo Group

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