Marcus Hedegärd

Forskare at Electrical Engineering, Reglerteknik, automation och mekatronik, Automatic Control

Marcus Hedegärd is a PhD student in the Automatic control research group, where he investigates the benefits of, and develops potential usages for, a magnetoelastic torque sensor, when placed between the clutch and the gearbox in Volvo’s heavy duty vehicles. The improved knowledge of the actual torque can be used for reducing the load during gearshifts. Due to the hysteretic characteristic of the sensor, his introductory research involves hysteresis modeling and compensation which can improve the accuracy of the sensor. As a next step, Marcus will explore how to use the sensor as an additional measurement for motor diagnosis.




Skattning av cylinderseparerat cylindertryck för effektivare och renare förbränning.

Torsten Wik Automatic Control
Marcus Hedegärd Automatic Control
Swedish Energy Agency
Volvo Group

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Convex identification of models for asymmetric hysteresis

Marcus Hedegärd, Torsten Wik,
2014 American Control Conference, ACC 2014, Portland, OR, United States, 4-6 June 2014, p. 4753-4758
Conference paper - peer reviewed

Non-parametric convex identification of extended generalized Prandtl–Ishlinskii models

Marcus Hedegärd, Torsten Wik,
Automatica. Vol. 50 (2), p. 465-474
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed

An online method for estimation of degradable substrate and biomass in an aerated activated sludge process

Marcus Hedegärd, Torsten Wik,
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Scientific journal article - peer reviewed

Observer design for the activated sludge process

Marcus Hedegärd, Torsten Wik,
15th Nordic Process Control Workshop, Lund
Conference paper - non peer reviewed

Estimation of BOD in activated sludge

Marcus Hedegärd,
Master's Thesis