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Enhance interaction between HEIs and SMEs to stimulate research and innovation

Per Lövsund, Angela Hillemyr, Nikolaos Krikis
2020 University-Industry Interaction Online Conference
Paper in proceeding

Developing incentives for societal collaboration for a university

Charlotte Emlind Vahul, Anna Aspgren, Angela Hillemyr
University Industry Interaction Network (UIIN) Conference in Dublin 2017 June 7-9
Paper in proceeding

Management-Driven University-Industry Interaction for Successful Impact

Angela Hillemyr, Per Lövsund, Mats Rydehell
UIIN Conference proceedings
Paper in proceeding

Implementation of an organisational model to stimulate interaction between academia and industry

Angela Hillemyr, Fredrik Hörstedt, Per Lövsund
2015 University-Industry Interaction Conference (UIIN) in Berlin, 24th - 26th June
Paper in proceeding

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WinterSIM - Impact of the EEDI and recent trends in ship design on the operating performance the Finnish-Swedish Winter Navigation System - a simulation-based analysis

Angela Hillemyr Mechanics and Maritime Sciences (M2)
Zhiyuan Li Marine Technology
Jonas Ringsberg Marine Technology
The Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA)


GIENAHS - Grasping Innovation in Europe through a closer iNterAction between HEIs and SMEs

Angela Hillemyr Mechanics and Maritime Sciences (M2)
European Commission (EC)

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