Timo Vilkas

Visiting Teacher at Analysis and Probability Theory

My main research focus lies within probability theory, more precisely interacting particle systems: opinion formation processes, other forms of (competing) contact processes and branching random walks among others.

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Strictly weak consensus in the uniform compass model on Z

Timo Hirscher, Nina Gantert, Markus Heydenreich
Bernoulli. Vol. 26 (2), p. 1269-1293
Journal article

Competing frogs on Z^d

Maria Deijfen, Timo Hirscher, Fabio Lopes
Electronic Journal of Probability. Vol. 24, p. 1-17
Journal article

Water transport on infinite graphs

Timo Hirscher, Olle Häggström
Random Structures and Algorithms. Vol. 54 (3), p. 515-527
Journal article

Segregating Markov Chains

Timo Hirscher, Anders Martinsson
Journal of Theoretical Probability. Vol. 31 (3), p. 1512-1538
Journal article

Consensus formation in the Deffuant model

Timo Hirscher
Licentiate thesis

Further results on consensus formation in the Deffuant model

Olle Häggström, Timo Hirscher
Electronic Journal of Probability. Vol. 19, p. artikel nr 19-
Journal article

The Deffuant model on Z with higher-dimensional opinion spaces

Timo Hirscher
Alea. Vol. XI (2), p. 409-444
Journal article

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