Carl Holmberg

Doctoral Student at Signal Processing

Carl Holmberg is an industrial PhD student at Volvo Cars. His research is focused towards computational electromagnetics with focus towards electric compatibility. Carl is part of a project which aim towards the development of a tool for prototype testing of components and systems in the electrical drive line of electrified cars. Carl has a background mostly in the finite element method with applications such as fluid simulations, but is also working with the method of moments for solving electromagnetic problems. The project is a cooperation between Chalmers, Volvo Cars, Modelon and Provinn.

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System Identification of Electromagnetic Devices Based on Full-Wave Computations

Carl Holmberg, Thomas Rylander, Jan Carlsson et al
2021 Joint IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility Signal and Power Integrity, and EMC Europe, EMC/SI/PI/EMC Europe 2021, p. 952-957
Paper in proceeding

Accurate and Efficient Crosstalk Analysis by Full-wave Computations and System Identification

Carl Holmberg, Thomas Rylander, Jan Carlsson et al
Proceedings of the 2020 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility - EMC EUROPE, EMC EUROPE 2020
Paper in proceeding

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Virtual Electric Propulsion system

Tomas McKelvey Signal Processing
Carl Holmberg Signal Processing
Thomas Rylander Signal Processing

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