Sture Holm

Professor Emeritus at Mathematical Sciences

Sture Holm, Professor emeritus in Biostatistics has a broad interest within statistical inference theory and practice. During the years from the work with “A Simple Sequetially Rejective Multiple Test Procedures” published in Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 1979, the multiple inference theory has been a central interest, and it still is. A quite new field of interest is statistical methods for ranking of units, which is more and more used for instance in health care and educational contexts.

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Generalized linear models for ordered categorical data

Sture Holm
Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Incidence of Second Primary Malignancies in Patients with Neuroendocrine Tumours

A. K. Clift, P. Drymousis, A. Al-Nahhas et al
Neuroendocrinology. Vol. 102 (1-2), p. 26-32
Journal article

Test and prediction in factorial models with independent variance estimates

Sigyn Mark, Sture Holm
Journal of Applied Statistics. Vol. 35 (7), p. 773-782
Journal article

A study on variances in multivariate analyses of oral implant outcome.

Irene Herrmann, Christina Kultje, Sture Holm et al
Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research. Vol. 9 (1), p. 6-14
Journal article

Pitting corrosion: Comparison of treatments with extreme value distributed responses.

Anne-Laure Fougeres, Sture Holm, Holger Rootzen
Technometrics. Vol. 48 (2), p. 262-272
Journal article

A step-down test for effects in unreplicated factorial designs

Sture Holm, S. Mark, T. Adolfsson
Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods. Vol. 34 (2), p. 405-416
Journal article

Evaluation of patient and implant characteristics as potential prognostic factors for oral implant failures.

Irene Herrmann, Ulf Lekholm, Sture Holm et al
International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants. Vol. 20 (2), p. 220-30
Journal article

Dispersion effects in unreplicated factorial designs

Kerstin Wiklander, Sture Holm
Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry. Vol. 19, p. 13-30
Journal article

A step-down test for effects in unreplicated factorial trials

Sture Holm, Tobias Adolfsson, Sgyn Mark

Simultaneous estimation of location and dispersion in two-level fractional factorial designs

Sture Holm, Kerstin Wiklander
Journal of Applied Statistics. Vol. 26 (2), p. 235-242
Journal article

Prediction of fatigue life based on level crossings and a state variable

Sture Holm, Lennart Josefson, Jacques de Maré et al
Fatigue and fracture of engineering materials and structures
Journal article

A simple model for fatigue life

Sture Holm, Jacques de Maré
IEEE Transactions on Reliability
Journal article

Generation of random processes for fatigue testing

Sture Holm, Jacques de Maré
Stochastic processes and their applications
Journal article

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