Ingemar Johansson

Professor of the Practice at Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems

Ingemar Johansson was in 2016 appointed Professor of the Practice within Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems in the Institution for Applied Mechanics at Chalmers. Ingemar received his Master of Science in 1980 from Linköping University of Technology.

Ingemar has since 1980 worked within different functions in the automotive industry. At Chalmers Ingemar is working as a supervisor and teacher on automotive courses and is supporting the development of courses. Ingemar is contributing to the automotive courses with his experience from the industry.

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Quantitative High Speed Stability Assessment of a Sports Utility Vehicle and Classification of Wind Gust Profiles

Adam Brandt, Simone Sebben, Bengt J H Jacobson et al
SAE Technical Papers. Vol. 2020-April (April)
Paper in proceeding

Human Response to Vibrations and Its Contribution to the Overall Ride Comfort in Automotive Vehicles - A Literature Review

Xiaojuan Wang, Anna-Lisa Osvalder, Patrik Höstmad et al
SAE Technical Papers. Vol. 2020-April (April)
Paper in proceeding

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