Irene Isaksson-Hellman

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A method for identifying aggressive driving by using naturalistic driving data

Jordanka Kovaceva, Irene Isaksson-Hellman
7th International Symposium on Naturalistic Driving Research
Paper in proceedings

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Modelling Interaction between Cyclists and Automobiles 2

Irene Isaksson-Hellman Unknown organization
Alessia Knauss Software Engineering (Chalmers)
Magdalena Lindman Unknown organization
Tobias Aderum Unknown organization
Nils Lübbe Vehicle Safety
Amritpal Singh Unknown organization
Prateek Thalya Vehicle Safety
Jordanka Kovaceva Vehicle Safety
Fredrik Bruzelius Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems
Marco Dozza Olycksanalys och prevention
Alexander Rasch Vehicle Safety
FFI - Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation

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